How to invest in Columbus 75 SICAV

Investing in Columbus is a simple process. In order to buy or sell Inversion Columbus Sicav shares, you would need to pass the following order to your bank or broker: “Buy/ Sell at valor liquidativo, X amount of shares from Inversion Columbus Sicav. The shares are quoted in the MAB (Mercado Alternativo Bursatil) with the ISIN code: ES0124519036.

How to transfer from other funds to Inversiones COLUMBUS 75 SICAV

Documents required:
1. Send us a signed Transfer Order in writing (download the doc below)
2. Fill in all required data in the Transfer Form (download the doc below).
3. Send us a photocopy of your ID/ Passport.
4. In order to avoid mistakes, we recommend that you send us a statement with the position of the transferring fund.

The transfer will take between 6 and 8 days. If a foreign entity is involved in the transfer, this period could be longer.

1. Taupyz Inversiones SL (the agent distributing Inversion Columbus 75 SICAV) sends Gaesco GVC SGIIC (the investment entity managing Inversion Columbus 75 SICAV) the Transfer Order on the same day it is received.
2. GVC Gaesco SGIIC sends the transferring entity, within a day (maximum), the Transfer Order duly completed and signed (procedure in place in the Sistema Nacional de Compensación Electrónica).
3. The transferring entity has a maximum of two working days from the receipt of the Transfer Order to do all the necessary checks.
4. From the third day, the transferring entity must proceed to transfer the funds via a bank’s transfer in the name of GVC Gaesco SGIIC.
5. Once GVC Gaesco SGIIC has received the amount in cash, they proceed to automatically subscribe to shares for Inversion Columbus in the MAB.


- The Madrid Stock Exchange charges a maximum of €13.40 (Download below the 2017 Madrid Stock Exchange fees).
- Brokerage: GVC GAESCO does not charge for this service.

2017 Madrid Stock Exchange Fees

Download 2017 Madrid Stock Exchange Fees